Terms & Conditions

Deposits are non-refundable.

If you cancel please contact us as soon as possible – We require minimum of 14 days notice of cancellation of your booking. We cannot issue refunds for cancellations made within the 14 day period prior to your arrival date, regardless of the reason. (e.g. to cancel a booking starting Saturday 17th July you must inform us by Saturday 3rd of July to receive a refund of your balance payment).

We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance to cover you in case you or one of your party fall ill, have an emergency, bad weather, car breakdown, bereavement or for any other reason cannot come as we cannot refund your booking once you’re within 14 days of your arrival date..

Guests are asked to vacate the pods on the day of departure by 10:00am.

New arrivals should arrive after 3:00pm.

Treglisson is a quiet, rural site and we request that noise is kept to a minimum between 10.30pm and 8.00am particularly when we have campers on site.

Dogs and other pets

We are a dog friendly, but only well-behaved dogs please. Dogs should stay on their leads on the site, even if your dog is the most well behaved dog – we have to consider all other guests who may be scared, allergic, own a dog that doesn’t mix well – or campers who just aren’t that keen.
Dog should be kept off the furniture.

We currently do not charge extra for dogs, but should dog poo be found on the grounds, we may have to start charging – so please bag up your dog poo and dispose of it appropriately in the main black general waste bins.

Maximum of 2 dogs per pod, except by prior arrangement.

If you plan to bring any other animal (i.e. cat) onto site please let us know in advance. As with dogs, cats are to be kept on harness if outside onsite and should use a litter tray which must be disposed of in a sanitary fashion.


We provide recycling bins for mixed dry recycling and separately for glass – please use these bins as much as you can and crush down your bottles and cans.

Please do not place bags with a mixture of recycling and other waste in recycling bins.

Please ensure food waste, dog poo bags, nappies (even if they are biodegradable) or hazardous items such as gas canisters are NOT put in recycling bins. Please use separate bin for glass recycling.

Unfortunately we cannot yet recycle food waste, so this needs to go into the main waste bins.